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Tetricus Science Park

Tetricus Science Park


Our Partners

Tetricus Science Park, located on the Porton Down site, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, is a joint venture between three partners whose combined experience and expertise brings together a range of specialist and targeted business services for science businesses.

These partners are:

  • Defence Science & Technology Laboratories (Dstl) who, in addition to accommodation, provides access to on-site services facilities including specialist laboratory services.

  • GWE Business West, a leading membership and economic development organisation delivering an extensive range of services to businesses. As an influential voice for business they play a major role in shaping and supporting economic growth and success.

  • New Sarum Enterprises, a group of professionals providing access to a network of specialist service providers, offering assistance with all aspects of business development ranging from scientific strategy to sourcing investment capital.

History and Objectives

Porton Down is often perceived as a ‘top-secret’ government site only offering facilities, opportunities and knowledge to civil service scientists.

In reality, it is one of Wiltshire’s best kept secrets – a thriving commercial scientific community, offering a wealth of opportunities to any science-related business or business activity.

Founded around 14 years ago, using MoD buildings on the DERA (now Dstl) Porton Down site, Tetricus Science Park supports the growth of innovative, sustainable businesses by providing a supportive environment.

Tetricus is uniquely suited to help any start-up or spin-out science company succeed, especially those involved in health care or life sciences.


Tetricus is located in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside close to the Hampshire border with quick and easy access to the A30 and A303.

Currently providing approximately 25,000 square feet of high quality laboratory, office and technical workspace in four main buildings, the refurbished accommodation offers incubator space on flexible easy-in/out lease terms with the added benefit of a full range of support services.

Medium-sized suites are available for companies at a more advanced stage of development.

Tenant companies may also derive significant benefits from the site’s association with the scientific community and facilities at the adjacent research organisations: Dstl and Public Health England (PHE).

Tetricus’ strong links with the Dstl and PHE provides all tenants with unrivalled access to the world-class knowledge network offered by these organisations.

In addition, on-site services include specialist laboratory facilities, reception and 24/7 barrier-controlled site security, scientific seminars, conference and meeting rooms, broadband, restaurant and fitness centre.

Other Services

Tetricus ImageTetricus provides more than just accommodation – on offer is a range of specialist business support services to inspire and advance tenant companies.

These include comprehensive advice and mentoring services to help start-ups exploit and fund their innovative ideas and inventions. The range of specialist support services are designed to help small companies survive and prosper during the early stages of life.

Comprehensive advice and mentoring services equip would-be entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to overcome potential hurdles, enabling them to turn ideas into viable commercial propositions.

Backed by a professional network of service providers, advice on everything from intellectual property issues and raising finance to assisting in the development of business plans can be accessed. Support is also available for companies to assess the viability of their ideas, establish technology ownership and protection, and identify the most appropriate route to market.

Progress to Date

The Science Park is managed by Tetricus, on behalf of Dstl, where some of the best laboratory, research and incubation facilities in the UK are provided. Furthermore it offers the only rentable wet laboratory accommodation in a 50 mile radius.

As a centre of expertise for bioscience, as well as detection, optics, optronics and electronics technologies, the Tetricus Science Park provides a unique opportunity to work alongside Dstl and PHE.

Tetricus is working with Wiltshire Council to build a new science park on the Porton Down site adjacent to Dstl and PHE, where the Tetricus incubator / innovation centre will continue to provide the environment for innovation. The aim is to provide an environment for innovation in science and related technologies through a sustainable commercial facility comprising high quality laboratory and associated office and business space for the industry.

The target is for the first tenants to move into the newly built premises in 2015. This should help relieve the shortage of ‘wet lab’ facilities in the region. Four types of accommodation are envisaged in the Science Park:

  • Incubator space – laboratory/office combinations with flexible tenancy terms for start up and early stage companies combined with a full package of mentoring support services

  • Grow-on space – medium-sized suites for companies at more advanced stages of development who may derive significant benefits from an association with the scientific community and facilities at Dstl and PHE

  • Larger ‘flagship’ developments for established companies seeking direct associations with the Porton Down scientific community and the agencies

  • Integrated facilities for training, conferences, events or support services that would benefit both the business and research communities on the site and raise the area’s profile within the regional bioscience sector.

Companies on the Park

Current tenants range from Dstl spin-outs, e.g. Enigma Diagnostics, to small independent SMEs specialising in contract research and consultancy. In addition Tetricus hosts the headquarters of GW Pharmaceuticals whose cannabis-derived medicine, Sativex, has received regulatory approval in North America and many European countries, including the UK, for the symptomatic relief of neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis.

Current tenants include:

BBI Solutions OEM Ltd: Producing immunological reagents for detection systems and devices.

Chemical & Technical Developments Ltd: Production of high purity specialty chemicals, including transition metal and lanthanide compounds (specialising in high quality germanium products), and offering chemical engineering services to pharmaceutical and bioscience companies.

Clarity Biosolutions Ltd: When established in 2007 as Drypharm Ltd, the company focused on Pharmaceutical Process Development through freeze-drying. Several years ago the company was rebranded as Clarity Biosolutions to reflect a new and wider scope for its core business, which now includes microbiological screening and diagnostic assay reagents, as well as retaining the original focus on pharmaceutical process development.

Diasolve Diagnostic Solutions Ltd Consultancy: helping inventors and companies bring innovative, costeffective diagnostic products to market through strategy formulationand business planning; financing through grants and venture capital; outsourced product design & development; voice-of-customer and other market research; and trial planning, health economics and reimbursement.

Enigma Diagnostics Ltd: Development of a portable real-time PCR platform for ultra-rapid, infield genetic analysis or detection of microorganisms or toxins.

Fluorogenics Ltd: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) specialists providing expert consultancy, project partnering, contract R&D and commercial product development in biosecurity, environmental microbiology, veterinary pathology and clinical diagnostics.

GW Pharmaceuticals plc: Development of a product portfolio of non-smoked prescription medicines from cannabis.

KalVista Pharmaceuticals Ltd: An ophthalmology company with a focus on thetreatment of diabetic

macular edema (DME - a leading cause of adult visual loss in developed countries) by developing novel plasma kallikrein inhibitors.

Legionella Test Company (LTC) Ltd: Developing and providing portable diagnostic tools for the rapid screening of Legionella pneumophila in water.

Mathshop Ltd Development: of advanced technical solutions (model applicability, efficient data access, simplicity of interface and quality implementation) for a variety of clients, including biological research.

Ploughshare Technologies Ltd: Management of the intellectual property portfolio of Dstl.

Q3 Analytical Ltd: Dedicated to providing sensitive and specific bespoke quantitative analytical support to research in the pharmaceutical, life science andenvironmental industries.

Sarum Biosciences Ltd: Development of bacteriophage therapies for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections.

Smiths Detection Ltd: Rapid and sensitive detection of biological agents and chemical compounds.

Wilton Biotechnologies Ltd: Provide portable diagnostic tools for the rapid screening of toxic materials and biological pathogens in soil and other environmental samples as well as reliable and confidential advice and services to support cases of industrial contamination.


Tetricus Science Park
Porton Down

Contact:   Dr Clive Duggleby
Job title:   General Manager
Tel:   01980 556514
Email:   clive@tetricus.co.uk
Website:   www.tetricus.co.uk

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