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Placemaking / The Master Plan

As the world’s population moves increasingly towards living in urban,as opposed to rural, communities, the skill in planning and designing these environments becomes all the more important. Our masterplanners, architects and designers shape the places and spaces where people choose to live, work and play - whether established and evolving, or from the earliest stage of their creation.

We work closely with clients, other stakeholders and in turn their customers, to maximise the opportunity and potential of their sites – creating successful, thriving and truly sustainable developments.

Whatever and wherever the destination – a major new city living quarter, resort, commercial entertainment centre, university campus or science and technology park, the process is the same – we begin by understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of a project; its financial and non-financial goals; any regulatory drivers and wider community perspectives.

Delivering the Vision / The Design in Detail

Our designers consider the detail of the built environment: the buildings that are within the community – whether new or reinvented, extended or refurbished. We consider not only the aesthetics, but the business case in relation to financing, planning and marketing, together with the practicalities of occupancy, build costs and running costs – efficiency and flexibility.

MIRA Technology Park

Having worked with our client to create the vision for a new Technology Park for MIRA, we are now delivering that vision.

The masterplan has been designed to create a low-density campusstyle environment, with a spacious and rural feel. Significant areas of park are being strategically landscaped, with the aim of providing an exceptional working and recreational environment.

At the heart of the development is MIRA’s new engineering centre, with It’s state of the art headquarters and engineering facility.

Central amenities will include retail and leisure, a restaurant, hotel, health club and gymnasium, along with sporting facilities.

New facilities are being interwoven with existing ones, many of which are being updated and refurbished.

Our early involvement has meant that we have been fully engaged in understanding the business case, supporting our client through the park’s evolutions and planning attracting funding and then tenants.

GEDDES Masterplanning / Architecture / Interior Design

Working with global Science and Technology Park owners, investors and occupiers to deliver their commercial aspirations creatively.


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