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Broadband Vantage Ltd

Broadband Vantage Ltd


Broadband Vantage (BbV) delivers a consultancy service to help Science Parks get best value from their IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure.

ICT infrastructure for Business Centres and Science Parks

“ICT services should be the second largest source of revenue and profit after rents for business centre and science park operators”

Bob Cushing, Founder of Broadband Vantage

Having run a company that delivered Next Generation Access and ICT infrastructure to Business Centres and Science Parks, the principal of Broadband Vantage is ideally placed to advise Business Centres and Science Parks on the criticality of including a state of the art ICT infrastructure to deliver Next Generation Access and ICT services to tenants.

This work is underpinned by BbV’s experience with developing the ICT Active programme and the BSI PAS700 standard for ICT infrastructure in multi-tenanted commercial space.

BbV’s services focus on developing an appropriate technical and commercial strategy matched to the overall business objectives of the client, followed up by a delivery project that might include surveys, design, demand calculation, business model development, procurement, fund raising, project management and marketing.

Broadband Vantage has jointly developed two recent  “Good Practice Guides” with UKSPA to help property owners with developing infrastructure for Broadband and Telephone Services.

Case Studies

Granta Park

Riverside was a new development of smaller offices on the Granta Park site. Most other buildings were large and the tenants sorted out their own ICT infrastructure – a step not normally undertaken by smaller tenants. BbV’s challenge was to recruit a partner who could co-develop the ICT infrastructure and deliver services to incoming tenants.  The project has been a success with tenancy climbing, albeit in a tough market.

Colworth Science Park

Colworth Science Park had two challenges: to upgrade the ICT infrastructure and service offering to their existing tenants and to develop and specify the new Exchange Centre.

BbV developed a strategy for both parts including the procurement of a service provider partner and worked through the design and specifications of the Conference and Innovation centres within the Exchange to ensure they were capable of delivering Next Generation Access and services to tenants and casual users.

BioCity Nottingham

Biocity offers lab space and offices to companies in the Life Sciences sector from start up to divisions of multinational companies.

The challenge for BbV was to achieve an upgrade to the ICT infrastructure, and to deliver Next Generation Access and advanced services to the tenants. This focused on the recruitment of a Managed Service Provider partner who had the capacity and the ability to co-invest in the ICT infrastructure and create that upgrade.

University of Southampton Science Park

“Broadband Vantage helped Southampton Science Park to develop an ICT infrastructure strategy which offers its tenants fast connection speeds, high resilience and a choice of service providers.  The trustworthy advice and guidance provided by Broadband Vantage was clearly backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, and was critical to the success of the project.” Dr Robin Chave, Operations Director, University of Southampton Science Park

Southampton is a large Science park with 250k sq ft of mixed space covering everything from an incubation space to standalone buildings occupied by some of the largest companies in the world.

BbV’s challenge was to develop a strategy to enable Southampton to upgrade its ICT infrastructure (making it Next Generation Access ready) using the Open Access Network model, attract a service provider to install and upgrade a new ICT infrastructure and recruit service provider partners to deliver services to the tenants and users.


Broadband Vantage Ltd
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