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Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus & The MedBIC

Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus & The MedBIC


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Championing innovation in MedTech

Creating a globally-recognised cluster for the medical technology sector, the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus provides an environment for world-class entrepreneurial thinking to achieve commercial success.

As a founding partner, Anglia Ruskin University is a key provider of business and innovation servicesin the MedBIC and facilitates access to a wide range of relevant expertise, in particular through the Postgraduate Medical Institute (PMI), which provides a network of hospital and mental health trust partners. Access to sector dedicated research, specialist consultancy staff, and testing and clinical trials capabilities also strengthens the overall environment for members of the MedTech Campus community.

The combination of academic knowledge, industry connections and shared business networks facilitates the commercialisation of new technologies across the UK MedTech sector.  Through joining up the entire innovation process, the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus, which has recieved active support from a range of private and public sector interests including central government includingthe Department of Health, will help to establish Essex and the UK as a global centre for MedTech and deliver local and national economic growth in the sector. 

Through the venture, and subject to the appropriate medical and ethical approvals, Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus can offer a test bed for new product and service ideas to business, with direct and practical access to five Acute NHS Trusts and to all the major care commissioning bodies associated with a community of around 1.5 million people, including a user and clinical trials service. This is of huge interest and benefit to companies for the development and introduction of new MedTech products and services.


The venture is a partnership between Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford City Council, Harlow District Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. The founding partners are supported by a number of other key stakeholders in industry, local and central government and the NHS.

The partners will lever private sector investment to deliver major economic growth and social benefit in the MedTech and assisted living market. The partners will bring MedTech businesses, innovators, health and care organisations, users and customers together more closely to create new business opportunities and to help improve patient care and the international competitiveness of UK innovation.

The three sites will be delivered by the private sector and the local authorities will use their land-use and economic development and community well-being powers to lever investment from the development industry, attract inward investment and benefit from the economic and community impacts and the estimated additional 12,500 jobs.

Campus Locations

The physical Campus will span three key locations in Essex at Chelmsford, Harlow and Southend-on-Sea, creating one of the world’s most significant health innovation spaces for driving growth among businesses operating in the medical technology, telehealth and assisted living sectors. The combined geographical space is more than 120 acres and comprises a mixture of incubator space for startups, R&D facilities for growing SMEs and custom premises for a range of international and UK-based established companies.   The individual Campus sites will be delivered by the private sector, with the active support of the partnership.

Essex is ideally placed to become the home of MedTech, with its recognised national and international clinical strengths; a high-level concentration of MedTech businesses; easy access to London; and a highly-qualified workforce, excellent schools, affordable housing and strong transport links (road, rail, air and sea).

MedTech, Chelmsford

The MedBIC, Anglia Ruskin's Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering is part of the MedTech Campus. Located on Anglia Ruskin's university campus in Chelmsford, The MedBIC is a key entrepreneurial hub for Essex offering almost 11,000 sq.ft of purpose built business accomodation which creates a business facing Centre of Excellence for Medical and Advanced Engineering.

The co-operative workspace and start-up focussed programmes help make entrepreneurial visions a relaity: alongside supportive academic researchers, consultants and clinicians who assist occupants with prototyping, clinical trials and testing – all aimed at speeding up the route to market.  Working with occupant companies and a wide range of sector focused industry partners and experts, the MedBIC offers access to finance, markets and technology through a range of commercial, technical and business support services

For those considering setting up a business The MedBIC can provide a professional, yet comfortable setting for fledgling businesses to be nurtured with the support of like-minded individuals.  This industry-driven space encourages open innovation and knowledge transfer, offering a new business the space to grow and expand all the supports to ensure success.

MedTech Campus Key Stats

  • The MedBIC opened in April 2014 offering almost 11,000 sq ft ofpurpose built business accommodation alongside innovation and research support for MedTech businesses.

  • 1.8 million sq.ft of floor space for MedTech and ancillary businesses.  This also accommodates the planned innovation centres for SMEs and a dedicated Anglia Ruskin MedTech Business Support Service.

  • Lever in around £500m of private sector site-related investment

  • Help grow the UK MEdTech turnover dor the sector by 1.2 billion (some 8% of the current UK total)

  • Make a major dent in the helping to reduce the UK trade deficit in MedTech which is currently estimated at £1.3 billion per annum.

  • Generate up to 12,500 jobs.


The MedBIC Contact Details:

Aideen McCambridge
MedBIC Manager
Anglia Ruskin University
Tel: 01245 407400
Email: info@medbic.com






The MedBIC
Anglia Ruskin University
Alan Cheery Drive

Contact:   Research & Innovation Development Office
Tel:   0845 196 587
Email:   rido@anglia.ac.uk
Website:   www.medtechcampus.com
Contact:   Aideen McCambridge
Job title:   MedBIC Manager
Tel:   01245 407400
Email:   info@medbic.com